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Fitness centre Hey guys/gals, I'm going to be at Dalian for about 10 days in Nov and I am looking for a place to lift weights. It should not have a term membership but the pay per entry type. Out of the 10 days I will probably need to visit it about 3-4 times. Anyone who...
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New website for dalian expatriates. Hi Taft, I intend for this to by my last post in this thread because what was essentially just supposed to be a cheeky bit of banter escalated a little (Yes, there will be a thread of its own when I feel the time is right), so I am only replying here as I...
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China related internet issues. I work at China Unicom. Have you solved the problem? If no, what is the result of point 2? Do you have ADSL or LAN to access to internet?

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  • Lets see the Money

    Facts from DalianXpat

    Here we have some images of the money and some details to look out for because we do have a lot of fake notes here

Dalian Life

  • Dalian International Airport

    Facts from DalianXpat

    Dalian International Airport was originally built in 1972 and since then has undergone several expansions to become the largest and busiest international airport in northeast China.

Chinese Style

Moving to China

  • Musicians to Have University Degrees

    Facts from DalianXpat

    With the growing number of “controversial statements” made by foreign musicians performing in China all future foreign acts should have university degrees.

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Coco Massage Center

  • Coco Massage Center

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