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I love you China but... I love you China but... Could you please hide your nose picking :/ Don't just hide it to relieve me of near daily disgust but do it for your own personal image and the image of your culture. With the opening up of China and the rapid development of this...
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It's so Big in China Stairway to Heaven An installation shaped like a guitar is displayed at a shopping mall in Shanghai. guitar.jpg The 14-meter-tall guitar, which contains two rooms complete with chandeliers, is said to be the largest of its kind in the world. Rock...
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Sightseeing Buses Let's hop in and hop off together! B) And Mr Obvious lives in a bread........ :ohmy: :ohmy:
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Beach Polo World Cup Thanks for the clarification, jed1 :) So what's the difference between these two organizations? SPCA can use animals for the entertainment purpose, such as pets, but PETA can not? And I think all the vegetarians are PETA :laugh: :laugh:

Dalian Living

  • Lets see the Money

    Facts  from DalianXpat

    Here we have some images of the money and some details to look out for because we do have a lot of fake notes here

Dalian Life

  • Dalian International Airport

    Facts from DalianXpat

    Dalian International Airport was originally built in 1972 and since then has undergone several expansions to become the largest and busiest international airport in northeast China.

Chinese Style

  • Chinese Water Park

    Facts from DalianXpat

    These photos illustrate what can happen in a water park in a country with over a billion people.

Moving to China

  • Personal Care

    Facts from DalianXpat

    Most Asian countries are well-known for their excellence in personal care services such as body and foot massage, and China is certainly among the top of the list.

A Western Bar

  • 719 Bar

Oh so China

  • Two buildings obstruct traffic

    Facts from DalianXpat

    Two residential buildings near the junction of Chazishan Road and Yinshan Road right get in the way of Chazishan Road in Changsha in Hunan.

Only in China

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