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Only in China - WTF Sister stands in for absent bride at wedding ceremony A bride stranded thousands of kilometers away wasn't enough to stop a wedding ceremony in Shenzhen, after the groom convinced his fiancée's sister to take her place. Groom Liu Wei, 30, persuaded his...
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Interested in meeting new people hi finn, I am Kyle, local resident, I am English - Chinese Interpreter, and I 'd like make foreign friends, so if you are in need of guidance or showing around, or any help, please just feel free to contact me . I 'am ready to help.
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If you need local Interpreter and Assistant I am professional Chinese-English Interpreter, and I really like to make foreign friends, so , if you are foreigners, and you are in Dalian, as well as having some troubles or need some help. Just feel free to contact me , I am ready to help , I can be your...
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New joiner Self-intro :laugh: Greetings everyone, I'd like to brief my self introduction here, for more information about me, just mail me ,phone me, or text me, always welcomed! Nationality: Chinese Gender: Male, Age: 25 What do I do: English-Mandarin Interpretation and...
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oh! so China We all know the military use camouflage to hide objects but in China why not use it to hide you home. A construction covered by green plants on the top of a residential building in Guangzhou camouflage-1.jpg camouflage-2.jpg Maybe the owner wants to...

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  • Metro wins the hearts of Dalian consumers

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    Dalian's hypermarket sector is vibrant and flourishing. Giants from home and abroad such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco, Metro, Beijing Hualian and Dashang New-Mart have all set foot in the northeastern city.

Dalian Life

  • 5 Tips: Taxi Survival Guide

    Facts from DalianXpat

    Taking a taxi in Dalian can be a difficult task for us expats and it can be difficult to navigate, especially with the language barrier.

Chinese Style

Moving to China

  • Visa application form

    Facts from DalianXpat

    The Chinese Visa can sometimes be hard to understand, so we briefly explain the way it works.

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  • 719 Bar

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