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Factory for Repro Qing/Ming style furniture Does anyone know of a factory/ small workshop who can handle antique furniture repair and Reproduction of Qing /Ming style Furniture here in Dalian? I’ve got a lot of stuff which would be in need of a good work over. Suburbs up to 50 km driving...
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Golden Beach ? Golden Pebble Beach does live up to its name as it is a Pebble Beach Lots of small shops selling Beach products and Sea Food restaurants. The Discovery land Theme Park as reopened for its spring season. If you are into Roller Coasters, go-karts,...
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Searching for a model job I have a friend who owns a media arts firm. He's often in need of Models for events. If you want, I can pass on your information to him.
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Need a hospital/clinic I don't know the prices but, I went there a couple of weeks ago. Just called half an hour earlier (maybe I just got lucky) and walked in. I got a travel insurance. Showing them the insurance card and filling in a form was all it took from me. And the doctor...
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Illegal guns in China Police raided an illegal gun manufacturing center in Guiyang, and confiscated a weapons cache including 15,000 guns guns-1.jpg Illegal gun manufacturing and Gun running is serious crime and if this story is true then these deserve to get court and...

Dalian Living

  • Casual Dating Opportunities

    Facts  from DalianXpat

    Men who are not interested in marriage or only here for a short time in China may wonder if their only options are Prostitutes or remain celibate.

Dalian Life

  • Best Tips For Purchasing a Laptop

    Facts from DalianXpat

    Now a days, every one is inclining towards the best of technology, so in the case of laptop also.Just take a breath and think a moment what are you are going to buy?

Chinese Style

  • Chinese Water Park

    Facts from DalianXpat

    These photos illustrate what can happen in a water park in a country with over a billion people.

Moving to China

A Western Bar

  • 719 Bar

Oh so China

  • China just gets lower

    Just some Fun from DalianXpat

    China plumbs new depths of degradation with Kingdom of the Dwarves theme park and an elephant orchestra

Only in China

  • Made in China Ad

    Facts from DalianXpat

    Beijing has just launched a new global 'Made in China' ad campaign mainly in response to Chinese-made products taking a beating over the last few years.

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