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Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Our local German expert is away on vacation. Most Germans have a really good fluency level of English which is the preferred language to post on Dalian-expat. If you would like to stay up on your fluency in writing and reading German you might try this...
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It's China, get used to it It’s not polite to stair The local government puts up a 1-meter-tall fence to prevent traffic accidents. Chongqing.jpg A woman in Chongqing climbs stairs installed by roadside hotpot sellers to help customers over a traffic barrier and reach their...
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Good Idea AND GET A JOB NOTHING COMES FREE IN THIS LIFE :P This goes without saying.. (unless you are a gorgeous young female.. they often get a free ride through life) I just can't imagine that a young Chinese girl who managed to immigrate to Australia was able to...
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Finger Printing service in Dalian???? Did you figure out a way to get the fingerprinting done in Dalian? I need them done for FBI reports as well but found out that it can be really difficult to get your fingerprints taken anywhere in China!! Any response with results (positive or negative)...
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Sanda/Sanshou How are you guys training? I have both Sanda and Muay Thai background and would love to continue training. Appreciate it if any of you guys can share more of your gym hunting experience. Cheers.

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