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Fitness centre Hey guys/gals, I'm going to be at Dalian for about 10 days in Nov and I am looking for a place to lift weights. It should not have a term membership but the pay per entry type. Out of the 10 days I will probably need to visit it about 3-4 times. Anyone who...
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New website for dalian expatriates. Hi Taft, I intend for this to by my last post in this thread because what was essentially just supposed to be a cheeky bit of banter escalated a little (Yes, there will be a thread of its own when I feel the time is right), so I am only replying here as I...
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China related internet issues. I work at China Unicom. Have you solved the problem? If no, what is the result of point 2? Do you have ADSL or LAN to access to internet?

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